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when I was young all I wanted for Christmas was the latest Gameboy and that I get to eat all the fried chicken I want because it’s the holiday.. No classes, lots of cookies and adults giving us kids presents.

But now that I’m 23 or should I say now that I am an adult.. Christmas just slowly fades for me, now it kinda just gives me that “Meh” kind of feeling. Sad, Very sad.

But I guess that’s human nature; always getting used to thing, whether it be relationship or your favorite perfume.. No matter how much you love it, it’ll worn out still.


Sad, Very sad.

Is it okay to feel that way? perhaps it is normal to feel that way. Perhaps when you are not happy in a certain place or time or things, you can always walk away from that place and try to figure out what you really want in life.


I don’t know man. I don’t think I know anything.


Sorry for this long random useless rant of mine.