A Little Alexa

Less than a year ago, I left a toxic relationship and even when it was over and I felt independent, I still clung
unto that affection that I perceived as if it is a validation for all of the effort I put into my life,
almost impossible to let go so quickly and it wasn’t until months later after making new friends and diving head first
into my passion, that I discovered how useless that entire relationship was.. why did I started? because I felt like I needed to.
but that’s not how it works.. and I understand that now.. nobody can set up their whole life..
it’s a tree higher than the sky with limitless branches and opportunities. Something will make you feel alive and happy just to find out that
it’s something that is never meant to be and even though in the beginning it felt so important.



So, All I can do is to implore to you to.. LOVE yourself, Watch yourself, take a picture! there’s no vanity.. there’s no wrong in that
why can’t you be pleased? why can’t you like what you see? why is it a bad thing? why does it anger so many people..

feel the skin on your body, the fat on your thighs or the slender curvature in your arms.. look at it and feel it and find something to love. because it’s there
and nobody has to point it out for you and it’s there for you to see.

your deep amber eyes or your long legs that stops men in their tracks or your warm white skin or the tiny little hairs on back of my neck
they are all things to love.. every piece of you and I can’t tell you to do that.. and I honestly wish you don’t expect me to. because it’s much more important
you tell it to yourself..
love yourself like I love myself and nothing can stop you..
I Hope you fall in love with the times you sat on the floor with your bestfriend eating sale cereal out of pyrex dishes
I hope you treasure the memories of showing someone your city, your home for the first time.
I pray that one day you will even be at peace with your hardships because you understand how it made you stronger.
I wish you become a force of change in this world that desperately needs it
I want for you to be happy with no materials in your hands.. just the company of friends..
I hope you trust yourself and your intuition more than your heart when it comes to other people..

and most of all I wish you love yourself.. Because I do. ❤


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