Dear younger Alexa.

I have done a lot of wrong things in life especially in my early adulthood, but I really wouldn’t say it’s that bad because I’m neither in jail or dead. Lol. but anyways I’ve done a lot of shitty decision that I wanted to say I regret but there’s no use to that so I guess I just learned from it.. from having shitty boyfriend who made me feel so insecure about myself to tactless spending of my savings and all those.. So, I made a list of things that I would like to tell the younger me if I had the chance..

  1. It’s okay to like different things.
    I remember way back in high school I would always find out what people wants and I would just watch the shows they are into even if I feel like the show is a total cliche and for shithead, I would still endure watching even thought I’m dying to watch “how I met your mother” or a bunch animes.. I was so into the idea of blending in and being with “in crowd” which I found out that it’s a total bullshit. I am into video games, card duels and comic books and for a very long time I hid it because I thought I was being such a loser but then mehh I age.. let’s say 18 years old. I still had this habit of trying to blend in with what people does and because that’s what I thought was the right thing so, when I had my first love with a 38 year old guy, I was hiding it because I was ashamed which it was love at that moment for me and I shouldn’t have been hiding it for the world to see.. so yup! just fuck it and do what you fucking like.
  2. You don’t owe people anything.
    I remember there is this guy who was being so polite and nice to me and all like taking me home and buying me dinner.. to the point where he would even take me shopping and then after a couple days he was asking me for SEX.. wherein I thought at that time that I was obliged to have sex with him because of what happened, thank God I refused..You also don’t have to bang a dude just because it was what was expected. Walking away is easy. And if a guy touches you in your sleep and you wake up during the assault, don’t lie there silently (pretending to be asleep) after pushing him off. Get the fuck up and “show him” that what he did is not okay.

    Basically: don’t kiss, don’t boink if you’re not feeling it.

  3. Learn to forgive.
    Often times when someone do me wrong, I just tend to block them out and never talk to them again, but it shouldn’t be like that.. As I grew older I realized that people makes mistakes and they should be forgiven when they ask for it in the most genuine way.. All of us do make things that we regret and agonized over and in my case I realized that if I did something wrong and that person really meant something to me then I would really like to be forgiven as well.there! Hahaha, I don’t want to go all crazy with the listings since I can no longer tell the younger version of myself this but I think I learned my lesson and that’s what’s important.

10 things I wish I figured out sooner in life

I’ve always wanted to post a blog  but lately, I have been very busy and I won’t talk about it much and I’d just rather make a different post of that but for now here is a 10 list of things I genuinely wished I knew earlier in life..




  1. be very grateful, even when things are tough.
  2. It is okay to be hurt and to get your heart broken.. that’s what makes us strong. (and this is based on my experience trust me!)
  3. There’s more to people than their physical appearance. Stop making harsh judgements based on it and don’t write off someone just because they don’t meet your dumb beauty standards.
  4. MAC lipsticks is everything.
  5. I know this sounds cliche but.. believe and follow your dreams.
  6. Don’t take crap from people who insult you to your face, no matter how much more socially powerful they are than you.
  7. No matter how hard you try.. if a guy doesn’t love you, Chances are he never will.
  8. It’s bad juju to hold on to things that no longer work or no longer bring you joy
  9. There’s nothing shameful about you or your past. People will try to keep you chained to who you were 5, 10, 15 years ago because they can’t accept or stand the fact that people grow, or don’t like what you have become. These people don’t matter.
  10. be the kind of person you needed when you were growing up.