4 signs you’re in a good relationship.

I guess we can never be so sure of anything and with love it doesn’t really get easier.. but as you grow older and fail about 2 or 3 relationships already, things gets a little easier to spot.  LOVE IS A RUTHLESS GAME UNLESS YOU PLAY IT GOOD AND RIGHT. And here I am and about to give you some alexa realness (lol jk) but I’m telling you to follow my signs on your own risk. Wink*

  1. His parents and homies should know who you are. that is actually one way you know that he is making you exclusive and that if he brought you home to meet his mama then he is pretty serious about you.
  2. You don’t feel like listening to taylor swift’s break-up song.  that’s right, let’s all admit that most of the time we listen to taylor swift’s songs is because she makes them so relatable with her catchy tunes and really witty lyrics. So, if your boy makes you only want to listen to songs that makes you feel good to be in love.. then sweetie you are in good hands.
  3. You don’t feel the need to check up on his phone and lurk on his social media. this is probably my favorite signs that I follow.. I mean, If you do not feel the need to go apeshit bananas on his social media then he is probably doing such a good job making sure that you are loved and secured.
  4. Being with him don’t make you feel insecure with your flaws. if he makes you feel literally like a princess.. then outta girl he is a keeper.


I know it’s pretty short but for me Love should just be as simple as a 4 signs. It shouldn’t be a game and it should be fun and healthy.


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