October favorites


Hi guys! It’s been a long time since I have done one of these favorite of the month blog posts! but yeah, I missed it so,I guess I’m just gonna go ahead and do it!


first on the list is my

  1. Kraken pro razer headset.. I know when I first got it I was saying to myself how waste of a money it is but honestly.. it’s not that bad and actually kind of stylish! but given a chance I wouldn’t re-buy this product again!


2. MAC Pure zen – I am obsessed with this! I currently have 3 MAC lipsticks and these are ruby woo, viva glam, and pure zen and to be honest I’m sooo obsessed with it but this one is my fave because I can wear it anywhere! literally anywhere! 🙂 I love it.. it’s a nudeish kinda of pink perfect if I wanted to do really heavy make up on my eye, it kinda of neutralizes my face from all the smokey shadow in my eyes that I have been doing lately.

12243859_1165286910152092_1832706698_n 12242112_1165286920152091_631191701_n

3. Keds limited edition taylor swift – yasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! shake it off shake it off! woo hoo hoo~  honestly though I am obsessed with these and I immediately bought it after I saw it like I’m not even waiting for it to gone out of stock because giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirl! this is from my girl tay tay! I’m such a big taylor swift fan and I loved these so much.

hmm.. I guess these are only the few favorite of mine on the month of october and how about you guys? do you have any favorites that you would like me to post or make a review? 🙂


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