Lunch date with my family + mary grace review.


My family and I decided to go to a mall to just bond and shop together and we were supposed to go out at precisely 11 am and sadly I woke up at 10 am! so, I needed to rush and I didn’t any make up on! and I don’t know but I’m kinda feeling my face and skin in here.

12204571_1159844997362950_2004186812_n 12200636_1159846114029505_1989262283_n (1)12204722_1159846107362839_1822856501_n

So, then we decided to eat at mary grace because they wanted pasta! and this is what I ate, I orderer aFilibeef sandwhich , strawberry shake, and chocolate mousse cake (because Obviously I have no chill! LOLOLOL) it was actually good and my sister ordered spaghetti and I’m not sure what it’s called (Lol I’m such a bad food blogger haha!) sorry, I’m not really good at remembering fancy food names~ but yeah, I tasted my sister’s pasta and meatballs and it was surprisingly good considering that it’s italian and I’m not really big into that.. but Mary grace is suuuch a good place to get italian food and has a really good ambiance to it.


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