Life Lately


well, lately a LOT of things happened to me and I just want to make a quick update on this blog..

– I believed I have mention in my other blog posts that I have my own place now and I still live here currently.. still a little uncomfortable but I’m still making it (hehe)

– I have been into shopping lately!  I mean who doesn’t like to shop everyone does hehe! gimme a break :3

– I am now a brand ambassadress for! search it up 🙂 it’s really a cool app! and I have the most amazing team and a really nice boss.

– I have been a little crazy rocking back and forth with my feelings but I think I got it all figured it out..

– been playing less league of legends.

– I do plan on going to back to tekken since tekken 7 has gotten released lately.

– well, I made up with my friends!   I mean I knew sooner or later I would because I genuinely love and care for me.

– I have been eating a lot of good food lately nyyuuum!

– been rethinking about my life choices lately..

– I also finally gathered the courage I needed to get a tattoo! yay!

– reunited with my old buddies.

– been playing a lot of pokemon omega ruby  and harvest moon.

I can go all daaaaaaaaaaaay! with the list but I just really wanted to give you guys a heads up as to what has been happening to me lately! yayy~


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