Just Alexa Things.



here are a handful of alexa things! well actually just my way of making “shits about me” fancy.. (huehue)

– My phone needs to be always in my hand! (I have an iphone 6) even if I don’t have anything particular to do with it I still always have it in my hand.. And not to mention always be online.

– it has been years and I’m still obsessed with taylor swift!

– I love buying things on bargained price (yeahhhh ’cause I’m a cheapskate like that)

– I’m very emotional and maybe because of my hormone oops naah. I’m just really a melodramatic fool

– even if the food isn’t good I’d still eat it because I really really really! don’t like wasting food. I MEAN COME ON MAN! THINK ABOUT THOSE KIDS IN AFRICA.. lol. kidding aside I really just don’t like wasting anything.

– I hate mainstream music. It makes me want to punch a baby  fully grown man.

– I am a very strong independent woman.

– I get stressed when other people take my picture. Selfies are safe because they’re controlled and I know my best angles (and I also get to decide which ones get posted online) but I always worry when it’s someone else’s camera pointed at me. I know I’m not the only one!

these are just some and well.. actually what’s currently on my mind and I can think off! Thank you for reading and visiting my blog (suuuch a lame way to end this blogpost but meeehhh )


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