chilling with up dharma down


Since I am one of the ambassadress of I was invited to attend and be apart of up dharma down’s meet and greet and it was amazeballs because I’m such a big fan! especially their song “tadhana” ! so, I arrived there at 3 pm at pepi cubano sandwhich (which I’m telling you their sandwhiches are to die for.)


the fans are all gathering and prepping up for when the updharmadown arrives! the first one to arrive is paul.

and latest is armi! which is totally understandable because she’s a bit of injured but still went because she didn’t want to disappoint her fans



the fans showed UDD a short video slideshow of them thanking the band for their hardwork and for servin as their inspiration and we had so much fun! and the band is so cool and so chill. we also followed each other on!

you guys can follow me too at amd you can also register using my link


here’s me munching on the sandwhich which is a shame because I never get to ask what is this sandwhich called but it’s so good!

well, all in all it was such an amazing experience and I also did an interview with ms. ging of philippines for breast cancer awareness since my mom died of cancer and all..

thank you for making me experience all of this.


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