Just Alexa Things.



here are a handful of alexa things! well actually just my way of making “shits about me” fancy.. (huehue)

– My phone needs to be always in my hand! (I have an iphone 6) even if I don’t have anything particular to do with it I still always have it in my hand.. And not to mention always be online.

– it has been years and I’m still obsessed with taylor swift!

– I love buying things on bargained price (yeahhhh ’cause I’m a cheapskate like that)

– I’m very emotional and maybe because of my hormone oops naah. I’m just really a melodramatic fool

– even if the food isn’t good I’d still eat it because I really really really! don’t like wasting food. I MEAN COME ON MAN! THINK ABOUT THOSE KIDS IN AFRICA.. lol. kidding aside I really just don’t like wasting anything.

– I hate mainstream music. It makes me want to punch a baby  fully grown man.

– I am a very strong independent woman.

– I get stressed when other people take my picture. Selfies are safe because they’re controlled and I know my best angles (and I also get to decide which ones get posted online) but I always worry when it’s someone else’s camera pointed at me. I know I’m not the only one!

these are just some and well.. actually what’s currently on my mind and I can think off! Thank you for reading and visiting my blog (suuuch a lame way to end this blogpost but meeehhh )


chilling with up dharma down


Since I am one of the ambassadress of mig.me I was invited to attend and be apart of up dharma down’s meet and greet and it was amazeballs because I’m such a big fan! especially their song “tadhana” ! so, I arrived there at 3 pm at pepi cubano sandwhich (which I’m telling you their sandwhiches are to die for.)


the fans are all gathering and prepping up for when the updharmadown arrives! the first one to arrive is paul.

and latest is armi! which is totally understandable because she’s a bit of injured but still went because she didn’t want to disappoint her fans



the fans showed UDD a short video slideshow of them thanking the band for their hardwork and for servin as their inspiration and we had so much fun! and the band is so cool and so chill. we also followed each other on mig.me!

you guys can follow me too at mig.me/u/alittlealexa amd you can also register using my link bit.ly/alittealexa


here’s me munching on the sandwhich which is a shame because I never get to ask what is this sandwhich called but it’s so good!

well, all in all it was such an amazing experience and I also did an interview with ms. ging of mig.me philippines for breast cancer awareness since my mom died of cancer and all..

thank you mig.me for making me experience all of this.

Crazy girl.

I remembered way back when I was in highschool, I would be obsessing over the idea of finding love.. Being in love and meeting the man I wanted to be in love with the rest of mg life.
I’ve found him and the search is now over..  And I’m a little paranoid that I might messed things up again and knowing me? I know I would definitely fuck things up.. I don’t want to be that crazy girl running around manila being hopeless romantic.. I want to be happy without hurting anybody..
I love him. I really do and maybe that’s how you know that you really loved someone.. It’s when you don’t want to do anything that will hurt him and you want to be with him through out the happy and sad times.