5 things that makes me happy.

A lot of things makes me happy but if I have to list it down this’ll be my top 5


  1. playing video games! I know it’s a dead giveaway but I love playing all sorts of video games from different genre but lately I’ve been playing mostly card games and MOBA and I’ve been quite neglecting RPG haha! it’s just that I couldn’t get the time to play since RPG games takes a lot of grindings.
  2. Food. I mean who doesn’t love food? I must admit that most of my money goes to food.
  3. Family hangouts. me and my family doesn’t usually spend time together so when we do, I make sure I make the most out of it.
  4. meeting new people.  I know it probably sounds crazy because I’m an introvert and I like being alone most of the time but to be perfectly honest I do like meeting new people that has the same interest and passion as I am.
  5. chocolate milk drink. I know! I know! you guys were probably expecting something cliche like traveling.. shopping..  or whatever but to be honest,  I just love Chocolate milk drink. Like I can drink this all day long.. this and apple juice.

how about you guys? what are the 5 things that makes you happy? I’d like to know!


2 thoughts on “5 things that makes me happy.

  1. I love the list! It makes you more in-tuned with your family ties and see how deeply rooted to family you are! Here is my list:

    1. Cats – I love cats! I love everything about them. Whether they are simply chill and don’t give a hoot or when they are too curious to not know the definition of personal space! I love all kinds, and my heart especially reaches out to our country’s own, the Puspins (pusang pinoy). Rescuing them and giving them a forever home would be the best. I also get meet people who share the sentiments, being responsible is hard but rewarding in itself. Currently, we have 5 at home, namely Moa, Debenhams, Mahogany, CG and Pacita! I name them depending from the place or situation happening at that time, so in a way it is a reminder of a fond memory, that way I won’t forget haha!

    2. Willy Wonka’s Nerds candy – I like to think that that candy would make me smart haha! Food in general I love to eat, but nerds hold memories of a simpler time when I would simply share them with friends, family and the like. Its sweet, tangy flavors is a great pick-me-up and very handy to bring on journeys.

    3. Reading a book – I have read from somewhere before that what would be more hardcore than reading a book?! You are holding a compilation of shredded pieces of a tree and inked with letters to which you sit in a corner, maybe with coffee or tea in hand, perhaps a pastry and something to which you would nibble on and imagine vividly as a pastime! Pretty hardcore, a bonus would be rain in the background and wearing a oversized sweater to keep warm, maybe some hot chocolate? Right now, I prefer reading Sci-fi and Mystery books, just turning the page wondering what happens next!

    4. Running – Ever since I was given the encouragement by my doctor to start focusing on getting in shape after an incident with my health, I ran away but in a good way. I turned to jogging. Starting is hard being driven to the ground by gravity but later on it became an escape for me. It helps me think straight and relaxes me. When I start, my attention is simply on the path, it was in a way a good way to focus on the more important aspects that its okay to run away, it is simply a tactical retreat! Plus aside it being a good exercise, the encounters are in itself rewarding. I gets me to interact with others and being a somewhat introvert, I get to break out from my shell every now and then.

    5. Driving – Even when the traffic situation in the country is dire and it is more a pain and a chore to drive around, I still think of driving as a means to learn something new. When on the wheel, I have an obligation to myself and to my fellow travellers especially to the pedestrians. Also, it give the feeling of being in control and on top of the situation. That way, I create more paths I can take and access. The key I guess is to have guts to ask for directions, a full set of tires and tools for emergency purposes and enough fuel so you make it back home! 🙂


    Video Games – Need I say more? 🙂


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