my grandmother’s 77th birthday + funny story + Selfie fish lens addiction.

I promised myself that I will update this blog and write a post a minimum of 1 blog post a month but if I can make a few or more, I mean why not right? hehe. So, last week we threw our mama (grandmother) a surprise birthday party at master garden in malabon city. So, basically we rented the place so we can surprise mama in the most cliche way.. lights off andthe shouting of happy birthday *cue happy birthday song!* so we arrived there at 6:30 pm and she’ll be arriving at 7:00 pm thinking that she’ll have a simple dinner with her siblings.. so, yeah, long story short 7:00 pm came and the lights were out and were all ready to surprise her.. so then the doors open and according to plan we sang happy birthday and blast the confetti only to see it wasn’t her! hahaha such a failure!

the venue

but then the event went super smoothly and we had lots of fun! not to mention my cousins,and my sister along with our parents had a dance number it was soooo crazy! I can’t even deal how funny and cute it was.


about the food? I didn’t enjoy it that much although I did pig out, the only thing I liked was the tempura and everything else kind of sucked. (lol sorry)


here is a selfie of me and my sister, also I forgot to mention that everybody has to wear red. I don’t think I look good in red though. So, yeah, nothing really happened we just ate and chatted a little bit with all the guests and went home and continue the party there! oh yeah! we had booze but unfortunately as much as I wanted to drink, I couldn’t.. because I’m on hormones.


Earl bought me this detachable lens thingy for my Iphone 6 and I have been obsessing over it. Here’s what it looks like, Although I think I’m kind of late to get into this things because I remember the craze in this lens thingy were over 2 years ago(?) I’m not sure.. haha! but it’s okay I was never really a always-in-the-trend. kind of girl. hehe.


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