I am Alexa.

when I was young, I never really liked anything girly. I was never the sugar,spice and everything nice. I liked guns and I liked to pretend that I am tomb raider or one of the charlie’s angels. Growing up was a little different in more ways than one.. I can elaborate but God knows that’ll take forever. I was never a risk taker nor would I want to put myself in a situation where it has to get rough and I have to choose between two things that I probably both want. I lived life like according to the norm, because that’s a lot easier right? things changed when I found out about hormones and all the other good shits. It was better than meth I assumed, I can tell you all about it but it’ll be on a different blog post. I guess what I’m really trying to say is that.. All my life I followed the order of how things were and it fucking sucked.. Because I was born being told what I am, and raised to believe it is all I am. What they don’t tell you is that in this life it is no longer about what you are. being yourself, liking what you look like and doing the things you love is considered rebellious in this fucked up society.


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