back to her roots.

Hello! it has been a while since I last posted or updated my blog. You guys are probably wondering why I created a new one? I couldn’t access my old blog in for some reason, and I couldn’t retrieve it through email. Anyway, what’s new? well, I have been wanting to have my work room for quite some time now since, my small room has also been my work room, I’ve been wanting to get an apartment but I know since I am not financially stable to get one yet so it has been long slashed in my plan list as of now. but tadaaaah! here is my work room now! that I have been super happy!

it’s really big and there’s a huge closet that I can put all my clothes and shoes and also my finished work! I don’t plan on sleeping here so,  I didn’t bring my laptop with me and also one of the reason why I couldn’t leave my house is because I don’t want to leave my sister.. She’s going though a lot and by lot  I really mean A LOT!.. I don’t want to state her problems here on my blog but yeahh.. things has been kinda crazy around the household and to be honest I really needed to be secluded and isolated when I work.. I just work well when I’m alone and with some music.  Some people work well with other people but I’m just not like that.. I guess I am what you would call an “introvert”. I find peace of mind when I’m alone, I find solitude and I like it that way..

I hope I get more commissions and I promise to work hard this time around and not play as much hearthstone and league like I used to, I mean I already left the team so, I don’t have anymore reason to play so much.   so, yeah! I guess this is my first posts  and like the title says.. “back to her roots” it’s because I took a timeout on designing to really feel what I wanted to do with my career and I also worked at companies and all and my heart still goes down to designing and sewing.


2 thoughts on “back to her roots.

  1. Kudos to you! Cheers on the future creations, seeing that it will be made with love and passion it will surely be great and reflect the need of your clients with a touch of your personality! Going back to basics will revive not just dreams but strive hard to perfect one’s craft. I will not say goodluck but a prayer of grace and blessings is in order. Work smart and have fun, I know you will because doing your passion is never a dull moment haha! Fight a good fight! Aspire for greatness! Inspire and make others move! Endure, give it your all! And one more thing… Give thanks in anything and everything. You can do it. 🙂


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