5 things that makes me happy.

A lot of things makes me happy but if I have to list it down this’ll be my top 5


  1. playing video games! I know it’s a dead giveaway but I love playing all sorts of video games from different genre but lately I’ve been playing mostly card games and MOBA and I’ve been quite neglecting RPG haha! it’s just that I couldn’t get the time to play since RPG games takes a lot of grindings.
  2. Food. I mean who doesn’t love food? I must admit that most of my money goes to food.
  3. Family hangouts. me and my family doesn’t usually spend time together so when we do, I make sure I make the most out of it.
  4. meeting new people.  I know it probably sounds crazy because I’m an introvert and I like being alone most of the time but to be perfectly honest I do like meeting new people that has the same interest and passion as I am.
  5. chocolate milk drink. I know! I know! you guys were probably expecting something cliche like traveling.. shopping..  or whatever but to be honest,  I just love Chocolate milk drink. Like I can drink this all day long.. this and apple juice.

how about you guys? what are the 5 things that makes you happy? I’d like to know!


my grandmother’s 77th birthday + funny story + Selfie fish lens addiction.

I promised myself that I will update this blog and write a post a minimum of 1 blog post a month but if I can make a few or more, I mean why not right? hehe. So, last week we threw our mama (grandmother) a surprise birthday party at master garden in malabon city. So, basically we rented the place so we can surprise mama in the most cliche way.. lights off andthe shouting of happy birthday *cue happy birthday song!* so we arrived there at 6:30 pm and she’ll be arriving at 7:00 pm thinking that she’ll have a simple dinner with her siblings.. so, yeah, long story short 7:00 pm came and the lights were out and were all ready to surprise her.. so then the doors open and according to plan we sang happy birthday and blast the confetti only to see it wasn’t her! hahaha such a failure!

the venue

but then the event went super smoothly and we had lots of fun! not to mention my cousins,and my sister along with our parents had a dance number it was soooo crazy! I can’t even deal how funny and cute it was.


about the food? I didn’t enjoy it that much although I did pig out, the only thing I liked was the tempura and everything else kind of sucked. (lol sorry)


here is a selfie of me and my sister, also I forgot to mention that everybody has to wear red. I don’t think I look good in red though. So, yeah, nothing really happened we just ate and chatted a little bit with all the guests and went home and continue the party there! oh yeah! we had booze but unfortunately as much as I wanted to drink, I couldn’t.. because I’m on hormones.


Earl bought me this detachable lens thingy for my Iphone 6 and I have been obsessing over it. Here’s what it looks like, Although I think I’m kind of late to get into this things because I remember the craze in this lens thingy were over 2 years ago(?) I’m not sure.. haha! but it’s okay I was never really a always-in-the-trend. kind of girl. hehe.

10 things I wish I knew earlier in life.

  1. you don’t have to prove anything to anybody.
    us humans we tend to always justify what we do for people to understand it better and easier in the hopes of getting their
    acceptance, but think about it.. is it worth it? no. So, if you feel like doing something but you feel like people won’t accept it.. Like the nike tagline “JUST DO IT”
  2. things always gets better even when you think it wont.
    yeah, I know as cliche as it sounds but time really do heals everything and even if you think it’s the end of the world
    it isn’t honey, and the sun will always shine.. and even if your heart is hurting so bad, It will heal! I promise. 🙂
  3. The time you spend being happy is never a time wasted.
    even you are being a total bummer and lazy ass doing basically nothing, as long as you are having fun and you feeling so much better about in life and yourself then it’s not consider wasting time.
  4. you can be right, but can still be wrong.
    People have different ideas and we have to always remember that we need to respect people’s choices in life even if we don’t quite understand it. people’s mind are different and we are all different, People’s emotions are more important than your own pride.
  5. Pretty is subjective, intelligence will never be.
  6. instincts are powerful, learn to trust yourself.
  7. You are the only person who can tell you the type of person you are, and the only person who can ever control the type of person you will ever become
  8. Ignore people who doesn’t seem to have any signs of intelligence in their way of conversation.
    some people just argue for sake of having an argument and sometimes it gets really annoying, but the fun part is you don’t have to respond to their stupidity if you don’t have to.. The art of DEADMA! (deadma = ignoring)
  9. Don’t overthink – it only gives you anxiety.
    I know sometimes things can get so stressful and whether it like it or not, overthinking doesn’t help anything at all and most of the times you just think of problems that aren’t even there in the first place.
  10. Love yourself.
    I know it sounds so cliche but yeah, most of the time we get so caught up in our work,school, relationships and a lot more that sometimes we neglect ourselves, but hey! live a little, love! and laugh! and don’t feel bad spending money on things you want or you love. Life is short and we’ll never know when our time is up and we only have one life to live.

-Alexa G.

I am Alexa.

when I was young, I never really liked anything girly. I was never the sugar,spice and everything nice. I liked guns and I liked to pretend that I am tomb raider or one of the charlie’s angels. Growing up was a little different in more ways than one.. I can elaborate but God knows that’ll take forever. I was never a risk taker nor would I want to put myself in a situation where it has to get rough and I have to choose between two things that I probably both want. I lived life like according to the norm, because that’s a lot easier right? things changed when I found out about hormones and all the other good shits. It was better than meth I assumed, I can tell you all about it but it’ll be on a different blog post. I guess what I’m really trying to say is that.. All my life I followed the order of how things were and it fucking sucked.. Because I was born being told what I am, and raised to believe it is all I am. What they don’t tell you is that in this life it is no longer about what you are. being yourself, liking what you look like and doing the things you love is considered rebellious in this fucked up society.

back to her roots.

Hello! it has been a while since I last posted or updated my blog. You guys are probably wondering why I created a new one? I couldn’t access my old blog in blogspot.com for some reason, and I couldn’t retrieve it through email. Anyway, what’s new? well, I have been wanting to have my work room for quite some time now since, my small room has also been my work room, I’ve been wanting to get an apartment but I know since I am not financially stable to get one yet so it has been long slashed in my plan list as of now. but tadaaaah! here is my work room now! that I have been super happy!

it’s really big and there’s a huge closet that I can put all my clothes and shoes and also my finished work! I don’t plan on sleeping here so,  I didn’t bring my laptop with me and also one of the reason why I couldn’t leave my house is because I don’t want to leave my sister.. She’s going though a lot and by lot  I really mean A LOT!.. I don’t want to state her problems here on my blog but yeahh.. things has been kinda crazy around the household and to be honest I really needed to be secluded and isolated when I work.. I just work well when I’m alone and with some music.  Some people work well with other people but I’m just not like that.. I guess I am what you would call an “introvert”. I find peace of mind when I’m alone, I find solitude and I like it that way..

I hope I get more commissions and I promise to work hard this time around and not play as much hearthstone and league like I used to, I mean I already left the team so, I don’t have anymore reason to play so much.   so, yeah! I guess this is my first posts  and like the title says.. “back to her roots” it’s because I took a timeout on designing to really feel what I wanted to do with my career and I also worked at companies and all and my heart still goes down to designing and sewing.